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Date Title Links Journal
2010/12/22 Construction of Remote Experiment Control System at SPring-8
2010/11/27 Clarifying Rhythmic Structural Changes in Cyanobacterial Clock Protein The EMBO Journal
2010/11/26 First - Ever Success in Crystal Structure Clarification of Enzyme That Catalyzes Nitrous Oxide, a Greenhouse Gas, Generation Science
2010/11/05 New photosensitive film converts light into kinetic energy, bends when irradiated Science
2010/10/08 Extreme ultra-violet holography captures femtosecond-length test image Applied Physics Express
2010/07/07 Clarification of How Cytochrome c, an Important Protein Involved in Respiration, Loses Its Function by Joining in Chains, Half a Century after the Discovery of Its polymerization Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
2010/07/07 Revealing the Characteristics of "Brake" of Cell Movement PLoS Biology
2010/06/21 Shape Discrimination Observation of Molecular Orbital in Solution for the First Time in the World Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
2010/06/21 New Avenues for Function Control and Application Development of Fullerenes Nature Chemistry
2010/06/10 Observing Drastic Translation of X-Rays by a Deformed Single Crystal Physical Review Letters
2010/06/07 Discovery of Molecular Sorption Phenomenon Enabling Detection of Differences in Electron State Nature Chemistry
2010/04/23 New experimental technique proposed for studying orbitals of conductive electrons in solids New Journal of Physics
2010/04/20 Development of X-Ray Microscope Enabling Visualization of Electron Density Distribution of Materials with Nanometer Resolution Nano Letters
2010/03/17 Clarification of Mechanism of Specific Binding of DNA-Repair-Promoting Protein to Single-Stranded DNA Journal of Biological Chemistry
2010/03/15 Clarification of Nanostructure of Bacterial Flagellar Micropropeller that Switches Conformation Nature Structural and Molucular Biology
2010/03/08 Revealing the Characteristics of the Three Phases of Titanium Oxide Existing at Different Temperatures Physical Review Letters
2010/02/17 Clarification of Generation of Electron Spin Spirals in Iron Film of Nanometer Thickness Physical Review Letters
2010/01/22 Clarification of Structure of Metabolic Sensor "Band 3" in Red Blood Cells Journal of Molecular Biology
2010/01/06 Simultaneous Measurements of Ultrafast Motions of Electrons and Atoms at SPring-8 Applied Physics Express