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Date Title Links Journal
2008/12/24 Development of a New Type of X-Ray Microscopy for Three-Dimensional Observation of Cell Interior     Physical Review Letters
2008/11/27 Clarification of Structure of Gibberellin Receptor     Nature
2008/11/18 Elucidation of the regulatory mechanism of DNA recombination inducing genomic transformation, by controlling definitive choice to induce evolutional or non-evolutional transformation
Journal of the Biological Chemistry
2008/10/22 Development of liquid -crystalline organic semiconductor with high electron transport competence and formability
Journal of the American Chemical Society
2008/10/20 Discovery of negative thermal expansion in magnetic nanocrystal of CuO Nature Nanotechnology
2008/09/28 Progress in crystallographic protein analysis through the improved crystallization technique which is associated with the transformation of protein molecules
Acta Crystallographica Section D
2008/09/24 Designing various sized nano-pore materials, the inner walls of which are hydrophobic
Journal of the American Chemical Society
2008/08/28 A master switch allows bacteria, already living in extreme environments, to survive times of crisis Molecular Microbiology
2008/08/21 Clarification of the molecular mechanism whereby plants catch and respond to light through three dimensional structural analysis of the photon receptor domain of phototropin, a protein involved in blue light tropism
Journal of Molecular Biology
2008/06/24 Researchers shed light on the molecular mechanism responsible for fluorescent and dark states of a genetically engineered protein PNAS
2008/06/20 Identifying a second carbon nano-tube structure through SPring-8 synchrotron radiation, which looks like a helical ladder of a pair of graphite molecules, reminiscent of DNA's double helix structure
Journal of the American Chemical Society
2008/06/19 Molecules containing both electron donors and acceptors have been functionalized with tails that control their arrangement in a liquid-crystal photovoltai device Journal of the American Chemical Society
2008/06/12 Ice shadow behind liquid water, disproving the common notion that water indicates normal continuous phase transitions, shown by the presence of two electronic states in liquid water
Chemical Physics Letters Frontiers Article
2008/05/27 Study obtains protein structures more efficiently using a combination of techniques Acta Crystallographica Section F
2008/05/15 New experiments and calculations clarify the origin of the insulating behavior of nickel oxide Physical Review Letters
2008/05/02 X-rays reveal the fine structure of minerals and collagen in the bones of fish Physical Review Letters
2008/04/25 Search for future hydrogen storage materials extends to investigation of hydrogen interactions with metal nanoparticles Journal of the American Chemical Society
2008/04/07 Circularly polarized x-rays of the proper energy can distinguish 'left-' and 'right-handed' structures of quartz Physical Review Letters
2008/03/27 A crystal structure of a complex that generates energy shows scientists the way towards treatments for metabolic disorders The Journal of Biological Chemistry
2008/03/14 RIKEN synchrotron radiation sheds light on a dynamic reaction cycle Molecular Cell
2008/03/10 Sowing the seeds for improved lasers Nature Physics
2008/03/10 Direct observation of atomic motion in a nano-scale cage
Journal of Physical Society of Japan
2008/02/27 A technique for analyzing x-ray diffraction data enables the charge ordering of exotic electronic materials to be observed directly Physical Review B
2008/01/31 Revealing the Mysterious Mechanism of an Oxide Semiconductor with "Nonconductive" Conductive Electrons
Physical Review Letters