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Date Title Links Journal
2009/12/18 World's First Determination of X-Ray Nonlinear Susceptibility Using Diamonds Physical Review Letters
2009/12/01 Discovery of Liquid Crystal Structure Bifurcated in Form of Ant Colony Journal of the American Chemical Society
2009/11/27 World's First Superlight Irradiating Protein Microcrystals
2009/11/27 Realization of High-Speed High-Accuracy Data Collection Using a New Type of Detector Equipped with CMOS Sensor Journal of Applied Crystallography
2009/11/23 Realization of World's Narrowest X-Ray Beams Nature Physics
2009/11/09 Determination of Steric Structure of Catalytic Protein for Nitrile Synthesis The Journal of Biological Chemistry
2009/10/14 How bacteria sense the world Structure
2009/10/01 First-Ever Observation of Electron State of Molecules in Aqueous Solution Using Soft X-Rays Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
2009/08/11 Discovery of Inhomogeneous Microstructure of Liquid Water Previously Considered to Have Uniform Density PNAS
2009/07/23 World's Largest Scale Database of Experimental Data for Crystal Structure Analysis of Protein
2009/07/10 Flexible Structure of Prostaglandin D Synthase (PGDS) with Various Functions Supporting Sleep Induction, and Maturation and Maintenance of Reproductive System Journal of Biological Chemistry
2009/05/18 Realizing the World's First Electrolytic Solution Performance in Solid Form at Room Temperature for Use in Batteries Nature Materials
2009/04/08 Clarification of Oxygen Adsorption Mechanism of Oxygen Storage Protein, Myoglobin Journal of Physical Society of Japan
2009/03/26 Chemical-induced switching of polymer magnetism achieved at room temperature Angewandte Chemie
2009/03/20 Solving the Mystery of a Fullerene Superconductor with a Critical Temperature of 38 K Science
2009/03/18 Successful Dead-Time-Free Simultaneous Detection of Charged Particles Physical Review A
2009/03/18 Basket protein molecules of 12 nm diameter: Clarification of mechanism behind accumulation of metal ions by ferritin at atomic level Journal of the American Chemical Society
2009/03/06 Observation of Unusual Electron Orbit Using Synchrotron Radiation X-rays Science
2009/03/04 Success in Observation of Transverse Acoustic Wave in Liquid! Physical Review Letters
2009/01/22 Clarification of Structure of Actin Filament by X-Ray Fiber Diffraction Nature