Synchrotoron Radiation - Features of SPring-8

Features of SPring-8 Synchrotron Radiation

  • SPring-8 can create the world's most brilliant light in a broad range of wavelengths from hard x-rays (300 keV) to vacuum ultraviolet (200 eV), and also allows the use of gamma rays and infrared.
  • Up to 38 devices can be installed to use the light simultaneously.
  • Allows the use of insertion devices with long rows of magnets (27 m compared to the conventional 5 m).
  • Allows the installation of long and medium-long beamlines.

1000m long beamline
Wavelength and brightness of SPring-8 synchrotron radiation

SPring-8 produces synchrotron radiation that is 1 million times more brilliant than that offered by conventional x-ray devices with bending magnets and 10 billion times greater than that with undulators.