Last Update: May 25, 2022

Up-to-the-minute information

  1. All the poster presenters are asked to upload their posters via the following URL;
    by the end of this week May 28 (Sat), 2022. We are very sorry for the late announcement.

    As is written in the homepage, a poster size should be arranged to fit the poster board of 180cm(H) x 120cm(W). The on-line poster should be saved as a format of JPEG, PNG, PDF or TIFF.
    After logging into the "update" page using your registration number and your E-mail address, you will find a "Poster Upload" button. Please upload your posters saved with the format mentioned above.

    The in-person poster presenters are asked to bring their printed posters and display their posters on the poster board during the period of the conference at the venue, Arcrea Himeji.
    All the poster presenters will have their breakout room during the "Poster session" on the second day. Please discuss with the visitors of your posters using the breakout room.

    The Local Organizing Committee is asking the in-person poster presenters to discuss with the visitors of your poster anytime, during "short break", "Lunch session" and "Coffee break".
  2. On the first day of May 31 (Tue), all the events (Registration, Opening address, Night session and Dinner) will be held at the Hotel Monterey Himeji, 14th floor.
    After checking-in the hotel, do not go to the venue of Arcrea Himeji, and get together at the 14th floor of the Hotel Monterey Himeji. On-site registration desk will open at 5 o'clock JST there.
  3. Important information for the daily events on June 1st-3rd will be announced on the day of the event, just before the short break, the lunch session and coffee break. So that all the in-person participants are asked to stay the conference room on that time.
  4. The presenters of Plenary/Invited/Contributed talk are given 45/30/15 minutes for their presentations and questions/comments, for example 38/25/12 minutes talk and 7/5/3 minutes questions/comments. We will utilize the Zoom meeting system for the on-line presentation. As we have announced previously, all the oral presentations will be recorded and one can view the on-demand streaming presentation even after the live presentation.

    On the last day, all the oral presenters will have their own breakout rooms for the further discussions. So that the viewer who could not view your live presentation, would have a chance to discuss with you in your breakout room.
  5. A receipt for the conference registration fee will be given to you at the time of registration at the Hotel Monterey or Arcrea Himeji. Invoices and receipts for the registration fees for on-line participants will be soon emailed separately.