Last Update: February 4, 2022

Important Notice

  1. By considering the current status of COVID-19, the HAXPES2022 Local Organizing Committee has decided to hold the Conference in a hybrid (on-site and online) format. While we welcome on-site participation, we invite those who have still difficulty moving to the Conference venue (Arcrea HIMEJI) to participate online.
  2. If immigration restrictions (isolation, etc.) are imposed on those who are planning to participate on-site at the time of entry, the local organizing committee cannot support the staying expenses of the target participant during the isolation period.
  3. If most of the participants are online, the welcome reception and banquet will not be held.
  4. Considering the impact of the time difference between Asia and Europe and the United States on online participants, the Local Organizing Committee would like to record the live distribution of each presentation by all speakers (Plenary/Invited/Oral talks) and stream them so that they can be viewed even after the presentation. If you have any objections or comments to this record or stream, please contact the Local Organizing Committee.
  5. A separate break-out sessions will be set up after all presentations (at the end of the final day) to aid in discussions between speakers and audience.
  6. Institutions / researchers who wish to host the next HAXPES International Conference should submit a plan to the International Advisory Board (IAB). You will also be asked to give a presentation at the IAB meeting during HAXPES2022 conference.