RIKEN RSC-Rigaku Collaboration Center

Ishikawa Tetsuya(D. Eng.)
This center has been established to develop technology that will allow a seamless continuity of X-ray emission and application - anging from laboratory instruments to large-scale synchrotron radiation facilities - or the advancement of structural biology and material science in Japan. The ultimate objective is to provide a state-of-the-art research environment for everyone working in these fields, including those in industry.

Over time, we also hope to enhance the high-throughput protein crystal structure analysis technology originally developed for the Protein 3000 Project for a shared-use infrastructure platform.

Specifically, we will be working to develop the following areas:
(1) Two-dimensional detectors and data processing
(2) Synchrotron radiation measurement technology for use in the laboratory
(3) New systems for using protein structure analysis