RIKEN Workshop

RIKEN Workshop "High-Resolution Spectroscopy with X-Rays"

The RIKEN Quantum NanoDynamics Beamline, BL43LXU, at SPring-8, is expected to become the world’s leading facility for non-resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (resolution ~1 to 50 meV) after installation of the full, 15m, insertion device in the spring of 2013. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss possible experiments for the new beamline. Emphasis will be on (1) difficult experiments investigating atomic dynamics and (2) new experiments investigating electronic dynamics with ~10-50 meV resolution. In the field of atomic dynamics the focus will be on systems that are difficult to access, including light-atom motions in heavy materials, extreme conditions (e.g. high pressure and temperature, levitated) and exotic geometries (e.g. surface sensitivity). Measurements of electronic dynamics, being generally much lower rate experiments, will concentrate on simpler geometries with particular targets of orbitons, d-d excitations, and gaps and/or subtleties of low-energy band structure that (e.g.) might give access to magnetic features.

Date Nov. 14 & 15, 2012
Place Okochi Hall, RIKEN, Wako
Outline Outline
Speaker A. Baron
"Status and Plans for Non-Resonant IXS at SPring-8"

M. Inui
"Liquids: Varieties of Fast Sound in Extreme Conditions"

S. Hosokawa
"Subtleties of Liquid Dynamics"

T. Masaki &
"Electrostatic Levitator for IXS"

J.T. Okada
"Materials Process through Supercooled Liquids"

K. Hirose
"Sound velocity of Earth's liquid core"

H. Fukui
"High resolution IXS -unveiling the nature of Earth's inner core"

A. Yoneda
"Single crystal elasticity of Pbnm- and Cmcm-CaIrO3: Implication for the D" discontinuity in the lower mantle"

Y. Tokura
"Modern Trends in Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics"

T. Arima
Charge dynamics in hydrogen-bonded ferroelectrics"

S. Tajima
Measurement of nematicity in electronic systems"

M. Machida
First Principles Calculation Studies on Layered Materials from Superconductors to Clays"

S. Tsutsui
Rattling motions in strongly correlated electron systems"

D. Reznik
Soft Phonons and Charge Density Waves"

S. Ishihara
Inelastic x-ray scattering for collective electronic excitations in orbitally degenerate and related systems"

N. Hiraoka
dd excitation using circularly polarized x-rays"

K. Nakajima
Inelastic neutron scattering experiments at MLF, J-PARC"

K. Ishiii
Recent RIXS results on charge and orbital excitations and their connection to future NIXS"

Y. Harada
Soft X-Ray RIXS: a tool with high expectation for a wide range of applications"

T. Schmitt
RIXS with Soft X-Rays at the ADRESS Beamline of the SLS: From the observation of Spin-Orbital separation in a cuprate spin chain to the spin dynamics in a single cuprate layer"