The 17th Sagamore Conference will take place in Kitayuzawa at the Hokkai-do, Japan from Sunday July 15th through Friday July 20th 2012. The Sagamore conference, which is held every three years, showcases the most significant developments in Charge , Spin and Momentum Density Studies to date.

Sagamore will celebrate the centennial of Max von Laue's discovery of the X-ray diffraction by crystal, and W. H. and W. L. Bragg's demonstration of the crystal structure determination by X-ray in 1913 relating to a major theme of the conference. These groundbreaking experiments mark the birth of modern crystallography. The International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) is marking the centennial of these events by declaring 2014 the International Year of Crystallography (IYCr2014). In addition, Sagamore XVII would also like to celebrate the birth of crystallography in Japan by Terada's demonstration of X-ray diffraction (X-Rays and Crystals, T. Terada, Nature, 91, 135-136 (10 April, 1913)) and Nishikawa's report on X-ray patterns of fibrous, lamellar and granular substances (S. Nishikawa and S. Ono, Proc. Tokyo Math-Phys. Soc., II-7, 131-138 (1913)).

Japan and Asia Oceania area has various light source and neutron facilities in addition to electron microscopy which are powerful tools for the charge, spin momentum density study. Therefore, the Role of the Advanced Probes for Next-generation Science on Charge, Spin and Momentum Density will be specially discussed in Sagamore XVII.

The location of Sagamore XVII allows visitors to experience lovely landscapes of Lake Toya, Mt. Ezo-Fuji, Volcanoes, etc. as well as various type of hot-springs. Conference venue and Hotels locate along hot-spring street, forest and mountain stream, where one can explore and enjoy one of Japanese modern hot-spring resorts and natural beauty by foot.

Theme of Sagamore XV・II - Great Potentials from Advanced Probes

Host Institute

RIKEN Harima Institute
RIKEN SPring-8 Center
(SR:SPring-8, Muon: ISIS, XFEL : SACLA)
 T. Ishikawa, Director of RIKEN Harima Institute,

Co-host Institute
 T. Shirakawa
 Y. Fujii
IMSS-KEK(SR:PF, Neutron: J-PARC, Muon:MSL),
 K. Yamada
  J-PARC Center
 M. Arai
 M. Sakata
 S-L. Chang

IUCr Commission on Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities
 B. Gillon